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The wonderful towns of Piedmont

Your holiday in Italy.
Discover the wonderful towns of Piedmont: Asti, Alessandria, Biella, Cuneo, Novara, Saluzzo, Verbania, Vercelli.
Asti, medieval town
Town of roman origins, Asti had the golden period in medieval time, where was a strong town, able to fight Longobards in their attempt to conquer the city.
In the end of the XVI century Asti too had to surrender to tha Savoy and was annexed to their Kingdom.
Alessandria, la città murata
Founded in 1168 by Pope Alessandro III, from where the name of the town comes from, Alessandria expanded during medieval time as a municipality on its own first, and then under Visconti, Sforza and Spain until, in 1708, she was finally given to Duke Vittorio Amedeo II of the Savoy dinasty.
Well known as a military stronghold, thanks to the strategic position between Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria.
Biella, città e natura si incontrano
In the middle of a semicircle of mountains and hills, Biella combines to the beauty of its historical center, the pleasure of an holiday in the nature.

Cuneo, la porta delle Alpi
Cuneo and the "Granda", so it's called its district, are a touristic area that, with its mountains covered with snow, the parks, the trekking paths, the water sports and the old rural traditions, celebrated with a long serie of festivals, is a land full of history, folklore and culture, land of rich flavours obtained with poor ingredients.

Novara, grown in a narrow strip of land between the two rivers Sesia and Ticino, is a town where traditions and history meet in an elegant center, dominated by the dome of San Gaudenzio, masterwork of Alessandro Antonelli.

The district has on one side the plain, cultivated with rice, with old farms and on the other the lakes Orta and Lago Maggiore, with a beautiful sight on the Alps and the glaciers of Monte Rosa.

Saluzzo, la Firenze del Piemonte
Capital of the Marquisate, Saluzzo is a typical medieval town. The city center, is located on the hill at 340 meters on sea level and is characterized by narrow streets, stairs, churches, palaces with secret gardens that lead to the Castle of the Marquise of Saluzzo.

Verbania, chief-town of the district of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, is located on the Piedmontese side of Lago Maggiore, surrounded by Monte Rosso and the peaks of the nature park Val Grande.
Famus touristic destination, Verbania is an elegant town, ideal start to discover the beauties of the bank of Lago Maggiore, to visit the Islands Borromee, for hikes in the park or walks and trekking in the mountain.
Vercelli is one of the most interesting towns of art of Piedmont, with a city center full of palaces and churches of the renaissance, important museums and cultural events.

The District of Vercelli has different landscapes, each with its own charme, its own colours, flavours, its own history: the big lain of the rice fields in the south, the mountain peaks in Valsesia, large calm rivers and creeks and torrents in the valleys, the forests of the plain and the pinewoods.
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