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Food and wine

Wines and products of Piedmont

Inspired by the traditions of the folk but neverthless without delicateness and refinement, the cuisine of Piedmont take advantage of the wide variety of ecosystems of the region, that with its mountains, lakes, rice fields and hills, offers dishes with a unique flavour, based on simple and genuine products.

From the south, the hills of Monferrato, come the vegetables, from Cuneo the traditional bollito (meat with vegetables), and the renowned truffle. Vercelli and Novara are the lands of rice and consequently of one of most renowned italian dishes: risotto.

Lago maggiore and lago d'Orta, in the north, offer freshwater fishes, while from the mountains come the traditional polenta, chestnuts and mushrooms.

Finally, from the Langhe come the wines, the most important in the world, ideal with a good meal.
The base of the cuisine of Piedmont is for sure rice.

For centuries, rice represented for the inhabitants of the region an essential source of food that has been used for thousands recipes: from risotto with champagne and shrimps, to risotto with duck. Symbol of the town of Novara is Paniscia, a typical dish of rice with vegetables, beans, bacon, liver, salami and wine.

In Vercelli rice is usually cooked with beans and frogs fished in the rice fields, but can as well be served with gorgonzola and escargots. A lot to offer has hunting too: pheasants, partridges and hares are cooked in different and tasty ways.
Another important dish of the cuisine of Piedmont is bollito misto, composed by different parts of pork and beef boiled together and usually served with sauces like bagnetto verde.

One of the typical recipes is then finanziera piemontese, with a cockscomb, wattles and chicken's eggs flavoured with vinegar, in-oil mushrooms and marsala. The name of the dish, according to tradition, comes from the fact that financier's wives used to cook it with the gifts of the farmers.

Brasato is also a typical dish of the region, cooked with the best wine of Piedmont.
Beef is cooked with herbs, bacon and vegetables and then Barolo wine is added to give the final taste.
To be mentioned is also the white truffle, pride of the town of Alba. The truffle can also be found in the areas around Asti and Monferrato, but in Alba can be found the biggest national market.

Some dishes are: agnolotti al tartufo, agnolotti del plin and cannelloni borboreoux, filled with beef, spezzatino, cheese and ham, bollito misto alla piemontese..

Well known is the cheese of Piedmont. 54 products are considered "Prodotti Agroalimentari Tradizionali”. Between them: Gorgonzola novarese, Bettelmatt of Val Formazza, Beddo, the old Formaggio delle viole (violet cheese) made in Alta Val Chisone (seirass del fen). The search of Castelmagno leads to the occitan valleys of Piedmont, where the ancient Langue d’Oc is still spoken.

From the provencal alpine tradition come the "ravioles", served with melted butter, the polenta "el piatel” or the "crouzetine”.

The most famous desserts are zabaione or, for those who love chocolate, the typical gianduiotti, little triangle-shaped hazelnuts chocolates. Then to be mentioned is a kind of chestnut called 'marrone', used to make marron-glacés.
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