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Forts and historical buildings

Exilles, Fenestrelle, Vinadio and Bramafam

Piedmont hosts many historical buildings, forts and castles: amazing examples of architecture, perfecly integrated in the alpine landscape (like the forts of Exilles and Fenestrelle), evocative buldings, representative of the territorial style (like the fort of Vinadio) and careful reconstructions of the military life (fort of Bramafam).

Located in the center of a bottleneck on a precipice on the river Dora Riparia in the highest part of Val di Susa, fort of Exilles is one of the most important defence systems of Piedmont, together with forts of Fenestrelle and Vinadio.
Fort of Fenestrelle - known as the "Great Wall of Piedmont" - is the biggest fortified building in Europe, one of the most impressive of the world.
The fort can be walked through to discover its secrets.

Going through Valle Stura, a stop in Vinadio is highly recommended. This small municipality in the district of Cuneo hosts the impressive Fort of Vinadio, or Forte Albertino: one of the most stately fortifications in Piedmont, the only one embracing a whole village, with a lenght of 1200 meters distributed in three levels.
The fort, one of the most important of the end of the XIX century, built to protect the tunnel of Frejus, is located betwenn the valleys Frejus and Rho and controls the village of Bardonecchia, that hosted the Olympic games in 2006.
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