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Small villages

Discover the tradition and the history of Piedmont

Piedmont hosts some of the nicest villages of Italy.Historical villages, build in medieval time, crossroads of important streets, linked to business trades.
Here they are, small evocative villages. Find them out in the districts of Piedmont..
Candelo, in the district of Biella, is an old village known for the Ricetto di Candelo, the oldest fortified fence of Piedmont, used by the folk for the storage of agricoltural products during peace time and as a refuge in war time.
Chianale, close to Cuneo is a charming village that never lost the occitan culture of the valley.
The typical stone roofs with timber beams still characterize the landscape, together with Alevé, the biggest stone pine wood in Europe, located at the foot of Monviso.
In the district of Cuneo is also located Ostana, small town with a wonderful view of Monviso.

Again close to Cuneo is Neive, land of Barbaresco and white truffle. The town has a medieval structure: houses with red roofs are build close to each other and, from the center of the city can be seen the wonderful landscape of the surrounding hills.

On the way to Liguria is Garessio, pearl of the Maritime Alps, not far from the 'riviera di Ponente', Côte d'Azur (French Riviera), Monregalese and Langa, good exemple of town with more small villages, each with its features: borgo Maggiore with the municipality and the library, borgo Poggiolo with the church of Sant’Antonio da Padova, borgo Ponte with the door of the church of San Giovanni and finally borgo Valsorda, with the Sanctuary Beata Vergine delle Grazie.
In the district of Novara is located one of the most evocative towns of Piedmont, Orta San Giulio. Beloved by poets and authors, Orta is a small town characterized by charming narrow streets: the main one leads to Motta. From there leave the boats directed to the island of San Giulio, dominated by the Basilica with the same name and the building of the Seminary, built in 1844 on the ruins of the castle.

In the district of Verbania can be visited Macugnaga, close to where, in the second part of the XIII century, settled the first emigrants from Switzerland, named Walser, whose typical houses and villages, with stone basements and wooden structure can still be seen today.
Not much different, but located in a different area of Piedmont, at the heart of Val Chisone, protected by Mount Albergian, Orsiera and Rocciavré, is located Usseaux, a small village where the roofs are made with stones, the entrance is on the southern side and the backside is mainly against the mountain, to protect the house from the wind and the cold.
Rare example of medieval architecture of the Langa astigiana is Mombaldone, that used to be dominated by Longobards. Still protected by the original walls, the ancient village has also the original buildings, with the typical stones of the area.
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