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Nature Park of Alta Valsesia

The park is located in an important part of the Valgrande, Val Mastallone and Val Sermenza and covers almost the whole highest part of the watershed of Sesia. Is the highest nature reserve of Europe and reaches 4559 meters with Punta Gnifetti, Monte Rosa.

Nature Park of Alta Valsesia is an Alpine Park, with the typical Alpine flora, musks and lichens on the peaks and pinewoods down in the valley. Inhabitants of this area are ibexes, roes, chamois, but also marmots, ermines, foxes, martens, weasels, hares, squirrels and other small rodents.

Special Nature Reserve of Sacro Monte

It is a particular and very peculiar area, difficult to define, in a land that has different interesting aspects. Besides the sculptures and frescos kept inside the chappels around the Basilica, is to be taken into consideration also the renaissance's garden, inherited from the past centuries. The wood was completely replanted, like the flora, that counts today more than 400 species. This wonderful place has always been defined as a huge open air museum.

Park of Monte Fenera

Located between the two districts of Vercelli and Novara, the park takes its name from the mountain dominating the lower part of Valsesia, next to the village of Borgosesia. Very important for the prehistorical findings made in some kasrt caves, this area has been inhabited since the paleolithic. A huge part of the area is covered with woods with a predomincance of chestnuts, ash trees, oaks, birches, maples, aspens, cherry trees, willows and sorbs. Woodpeckers, turtledoves, hawks, hares, loirs and other animal species live in the park area.

Park Lame del Sesia and reserve
Crossed by the river Sesia, this park is a source of wonderful surprises. The park can be enjoyed in every season of the year and is mainly known for the wide variety of birds that live in the area. Grey herons, egrets, ibises, eurasian spoonbills, black-crowned night herons are some of the them.
Wonderful places to take a walk or perfect for birdwatching, we suggest you to discover the many possibilities offered by this place.

Parco del Bosco delle Sorti della Partecipanza di Trino

Last remanent of the plain wood that covered almost the entire region of Vercelli in the past centuries, is a small treasure that owes its conservation to a careful management by the families that took care of the wood during the centuries.Poplars and oaks are the most common trees, while locust-tree occupies a huge part of the subsoil. If you want to know more about it, follow the paths around Trino, it is the best way to collect informations.

Parco fluviale del Po tratto vercellese/alessandrino

Large part of the southern border of the province of Vercelli is defined by the Po river. Po marks a clear distinction between the left bank, with the plain and the rice fields and the right bank, where the hills of Monferrato begin, in the province of Alessandria. There are many opportunities to discover this part of the river with different means of transport. From Crescentino to Trino, passing by Fontanetto Po and Palazzolo, you just have to follow the river and admire the landscape around.

Riserva naturale orientata delle Baragge

Baraggia is an area located between the districts of Vercelli, Biella and Novara, characterized by an oak wood. This kind of natural environment was little by little reduced to some small areas, because of the works done to allow the rice fields to be cultivated, but can still be seen in the hills around Gattinara, in the municipalities of Lenta, Rovasenda, Lozzolo, Roasio.

Oasi Faunistica WWF


Parco Faunistico La Torbiera located in: AGRATE CONTURBIA (NO)

Parco Naturale Lame della Sesia
(Riserva Naturale della Palude di Casalbeltrame) Located in: CASALBELTRAME (NO)

Parco Naturale Monte Fenera located in: GRIGNASCO (NO)

Parco Naturale Valle del Ticino located in: CAMERI (NO)

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